500-5 Custom Parchment with gold highlights                   Detail     



500-10  Orthodox text above. Reform text below.

  #500-10 Custom Parchment with Gold Accents 


Please note: All the images of ketubot on this page are photographs. Different photographic angles highlight different areas. Actual ketubah background has the original parchment look. And although the gold & metal leaf flakes as well as the hand-rubbed gold tones appear raised, it is only the camera's flash which is giving it depth.


Available texts for all 500 Custom Parchment Ketubot:

Anniversary English and Hebrew or
                        English with Hebrew heading

Conservative English and Aramaic w Lieberman Clause 
Interfaith English and Hebrew or
                  English with Hebrew heading
Orthodox  English and traditional Aramaic or
                    Traditional Aramaic only

Reform English and Hebrew
Toronto Reform English and Hebrew

Custom Text You supply electronically