Backpack Buddies Program

The Backpack Buddies Program provides food for school children in Title I food programs (children from food-insecure homes), children having nothing to eat on weekends, with weekend meals during the school year. Local corporations, civic groups, and individuals help collect and pack bags with kid-friendly non-perishable food. The children receive a backpack containing six nutritious and balanced meals at the end of every week. The children are served in partnership with school principals, guidance counselors, and various after school programs. 

Research shows that hungry children have poorer mental and overall health, miss more days of school, suffer greater rates of behavioral disorders and are less prepared to learn when they are in school. The goal of Backpack Buddies is to eliminate these effects from neighborhood schools.

Here are some examples of good food choices for backpacks: Corn veggies (pop-top), Cracker packs, Dried fruit, Fruit cups, Granola bars, Jello cups, Juice, Lance Peanut Butter Crackers, Lunch Buckets (individual size meals), Meat (pop-top cans), Meatball/sauce in a pouch, Non-refrigerated milk in small containers, Nuts (single-serving size), Packet of grits, Pastas: canned w/pop tops, Pop Tarts, Pudding, Raisins (individual size boxes), Rip'n ready meatballs, Boxes of sleeves of crackers (e.g., Ritz), Stew (pop-top cans), Tuna vac pack, Vegetables (pop-top cans), Vienna Sausage (pop-top cans), FULL-SIZE PLASTIC JARS OF PEANUT BUTTER.

Our temple, Mickve Israel (in Savannah, GA), embarked on this program successfully over a year ago. They asked me to design a logo for the program. After playing with it for a while, I came with the logo you see here. Recently, I was asked by another organization whether they can use the logo because they were embarking on the same program. The answer was yes and it's free for the use. All I ask in return is that you have a link to my site and give credit where it's due.

It is free for the asking and is available in color and b/w.

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