Please print this form, fill out all required information legibly and FAX to us at 912-598-2179.

Ordered by _________________________ Phone (daytime)_______________________
Ship to ____________________________  Phone (evening) ______________________
__________________________________  FAX   _______________________________
__________________________________   Email _______________________________
Referred by_________________________ Phone Number________________________
Ketuba number/style    
Ketuba text    (Anniv, Con, Interf, Orth, Ref) ____________________________________
Ketuba (image) size___________________ Text color  ___As shown __Black 
_________Other (please indicate PMS color) Add $25.

Please type or print clearly and legibly the following information exactly as it is to appear on your ketuba:

Groom's given name English_________________ Bride's given name English___________________
Groom's given name Hebrew_________________ Bride's given name Hebrew__________________
Groom's last name English__________________ Bride's last name English____________________
Groom: Is father a __Kohen __Levi __Israelite
 (if uncertain, ask your Rabbi)
Bride: Is father a: __Kohen __Levi __Israelite   
 (If uncertain, ask your Rabbi)
Groomís father __living __deceased.
Groomís father Jewish? __Yes __No 
Brideís marital status:
 __First time __Widow __Divorced __Convert __Other 
Groom's Parentsí English given name:
 Father ______________________________________
Brideís Parentsí English given name:
 Father _______________________________________
Groom's Parents Hebrew given name:  
 Father ______________________________________
Bride's Parents Hebrew given name:  
 Father ______________________________________
Wedding date
Day of the week _______________________________
    __Before sundown __After sundown
    English_______________ Hebrew *______________

   English_______________ Hebrew *______________
* For anniversary ketuba, we can provide Hebrew dates when English dates are available
Temple/Synagogue name and City (optional: State/province) where ceremony is performed: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Shipping options: Please ship my ketubah ___via our standard method (2nd Day Air $9.95) 
    ___Next Day Air

Signature______________________________________________________  Date________________________

For an electronic version of this form click here


Please make certain that all the information on this form is complete and accurate. 
It is recommended that your rabbi or cantor review this form with you. Where Hebrew is requested, please spell out
individual Hebrew letters in English,
ie: tsadik vet yud= . For interfaith ketuba, when Hebrew names are not available, write "transliterate" on the form. 

In Hebrew, it is traditional to place the fatherís name first. We therefore place the motherís name first in English. If you desire a different format, please indicate your wishes clearly in the "special requests" section. Specific color requests for text can be accommodated (click here), as well as specific texts, (click here) but please confer with your rabbi to make certain that your selected text is appropriate.


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