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Welcome to RochelleFrank.com, the site for Anniversary, Conservative, Interfaith, Orthodox, Reform and Toronto Reform text ketubot (plural of ketuba, ketubah). Signed by the bride and groom at the most significant time of their life, the ketubah epitomizes the marriage vows and symbolizes a tangible reminder of the couple's shared dreams for their life together. 

Same Sex or Commitment texts: Since we do not currently have Same Sex or Commitment texts, we are making these options available to you at no additional cost when you provide us the text electronically.

Today's contemporary and artistic ketubah is egalitarian in nature. There is some agreement that the ketubah had its beginnings in ancient Egypt. Traditionally, the ketubah which literally means "written", spelled out the obligations of a man to his wife and rabbis spent much time devising correct and exact wording. Today's conservative and orthodox texts are steeped in tradition. Reform, Reconstructionist and interfaith couples are taking their wedding vows with a ketubah which is very unique to their own individual lives. This uniqueness extends to artistic expression which is promoted by hiddur mitzvah (beautification of everyday objects) as well as to the choice of wording for the ketubah. 

As each marriage is a unique and holy undertaking, our marriage contracts are a unique and custom made work of art crafted into a ketubah using only acid free archival papers and  inks. These archival properties means that your giclee ketubah will last a lifetime and we hope it brings you endless joy.

We specialize and kvell in the creation of the ketubah.

View Ketubah Galleries
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