Parchment with hand rubbed gold tones and
Parchment with Gold & Metal Leaf Flakes 
are part of our Custom Ketubah Gallery (scroll down)


Square Edge Parchment    Burnt Edge Parchment   Antique Edge Parchment
RochelleFrank Parchment Ketubah (#500) Parchment ketuba #500

This ancient ketubah on the right appears to have survived for hundreds of years. The background
has a parchment look and the antiqued edges give it a truly ancient quality.
It is, however printed on our standard acid-free, archival paper - a quality which will
help it last into the next century

These were inspired by an interfaith couple who wished to have a parchment ketubah with only text and
absolutely no adornments surrounding the marriage vows. They decided to go with the
square parchment edges since they had set their hearts on an elaborate silver frame.
We decided to bring you both options: the parchment ketubah on the left with a simple elegance
and the ancient parchment ketubah on the right with the antiqued edges which has the qualities of an old manuscript page.

In the process of creating this parchment ketubah, we also created a parchment paper with
burnt edges (center ketubah) giving you even more options


We've expanded your options further with additional parchment ketubot.
Although we're only showing one with square edges and others with antiqued edges below,
they are all available with antiqued, burnt or square edges
as well as gold tones hand rubbed on the edges or a version with gold and metal leaf flecked edges.
Other colors, such as blue or green parchment are available as well. Please inquire.

500 Parchment    501 Parchment   503 Parchment

504 Parchment    506 Parchment
RochelleFrank Parchment  Ketubah


One thing leads to another. In the process of creating a custom parchment wedding invitation (see below),
the couple decided that they'd love to have a customized parchment ketubah as well. Here are the results.

501-506 Parchment   501-507 Parchment


#500 Burnt Edge Parchment Invitation 
which we created for use as a "Parchment Message in a Bottle" invitation


   501 Parchment 
           501-505 Parchment          501-507 Parchment

501 RSVP                                 501 Belly Wrap        
which we created as a custom wedding invitation
along with an RSVP and a Belly Wrap



#500 Burnt Edge Parchment Engagement Invitation

which we created as a custom invitation
along with an RSVP card and a Thank You note card

We now have a Custom Parchment Ketubah with gold tones hand rubbed on the edges.

Parchment Ketubah #500-5 with hand rubbed gold tones


Here's the long awaited Custom Parchment Ketubah with Gold & Metal Leaf Flakes.
 Reform text       500-10     Orthodox text

Please NOTE: The 2 images above are photographs of actual ketubot. Different angles highlight different areas of of the gold & metal leaf flakes. These ketubot have the same delicate colors as the original Parchment Ketubah with the addition of the timeless and elegant gold & metal accents. 

For those who wish to create their own ketubah, these "parchment" ketubah papers
(with square, antiqued. burnt edges, hand rubbed gold tone edges or gold metal leaf flakes) are available as individual sheets. 
Please contact us for further information and size requirements at


500, 501, 503, 504 and 506 Parchment
(square, antiqued or burnt edges)

Image area
Paper size: 20"Wx 24"H

Available in different sizes.
We'll be glad to provide additional info upon request.

Available texts for all 500 Parchment ketubot:

    Anniversary English and Hebrew or
                            English with Hebrew heading

English and Aramaic w Lieberman Clause
English and Hebrew or
                      English with Hebrew heading

    Orthodox English and traditional Aramaic
English and Hebrew
Toronto Reform English and Hebrew

To view texts, please click here


Add $65.00 for personalization


Custom Parchment Ketubah #500-5
with hand rubbed gold tones

Image area
Paper size: 24"Wx 26"H


personalization included


Custom Parchment Ketubah #500-10 
with gold & metal leaf flakes
Image area
Paper size: 24"Wx 26"H

Personalization included


#500 Burnt Edge Parchment Invitation
(Parchment Message in a Bottle Invitation)

#501 Parchment Invitation
(Custom invitaitons)

Parchment Wedding Invitation (single sheet)
Any of the parchment colors can be substituted
(square, antiqued or burnt edges)

Paper size: 5"W x 7"H
100 invitations with blank envelops $250.00
Additional 25 invitations: $50.00


Parchment Wedding RSVP card

Paper size: 5.5"W x 4.25"H
100 RSVP cards with blank envelopes $60.00.00

Additional 25 RSVP's: $15.00


Parchment Belly Band
Paper size: 16"W x 2"H
100 Belly Bands  $75.00

Additional 25 Belly Bands: $18.75

Please inquire for large quantity pricing

From a gal who was looking for parchment paper to make and send a message in a bottle invitation - we made up the invitation itself and it is one of a kind
I received the invitations early yesterday morning and they are terrific. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into them. I would definitely showcase this on your website.   Mary


The parents of the groom, who commissioned the original custom Parchment Ketubah, did not object to our making it available to you. Some words of praise from them:
We would like you to know how much all of us admired your creative talents in producing this very unique and appropriate ketubah. I can't tell you how happy the kids were with the ketubah. First of all, the whole parchment look was exactly what they wanted and it's beautiful. The (digital) calligraphy is outstanding. It was just a joy for us to have the individually created piece of Judaism for the kids. Everyone was so pleased and delighted...the rabbi even commented on it. The newly married couple will have it framed and hang it on the wall in their dining room. 
Love, Leni & Arnie


From a couple who consider themselves royalty: their wedding was a private event but they went all out for their engagement party
W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all I can say about your work.
We are so very happy with the end result. I will be recommending your services to anyone who needs them. Thank you so much for your patience and help during this process.

God Bless. Ali & Allyson


The ketubbah is perfect. I really want to thank you for all of your hard work. The ketubbah is exactly what we wanted. As far as resolving our issue ...  your customer service was excellent. You were extremely easy to work with and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a ketubbah ... And we looked at a lot of ketubbahs before we picked yours. Kudos to you. We love our ketubbah.  Staci & Lior

We got it last week.  I have not seen it yet (it went to my parent's house), but my mother said it was beautiful.  She said that you did an amazing job! Thank you!   Paige & Jason

It has arrived and looks great!!!!  thanks so much.  Aaron

From a gal who lives in NY and had the ketubah shipped to her mom in San Francisco where the wedding was taking place:
Saw it in San Fran finally.. so pretty and delicate.. very happy with your work.. Many thanks... Jennie

Thank you for making such a beautiful and special ketubah! Katie & Sam

Thank you so much! It is beautiful!   Dani

Just wanted to thank you again for our Ketubah. It was even better than I expected and everybody at the wedding loved it. We've looked for some time before coming across your website and I am very glad that we found it. I appreciate the personal attention you've given us and how meticulous you were about getting everything right. With best regards, Edwar

It looks amazing!  Hannah


From the parents of the bride who commissioned the one-of-a-kind Custom Parchment Ketubah with gold & metal leaf flakes:
This gorgeous ketubah has arrived here safely! I was really afraid to open it up as you had it packed so nicely! Thank you so much for all your time, attention and communications with me. This is a special piece that is forever! Merrill

Yes, my mom received the ketubah Tuesday. I have not seen it in person, but the pictures from my mom are beautiful. We are getting married at a historic resort whose motto is "built for the ages" under a chuppah made from my mom's wedding veil and Mark's 90 year old grandfather's tallis. I think the parchment ketubah [with godl& metal leaf flakes] fits perfectly and will be something we cherish forever. Thank you, Torrey


From the bride who commissioned the Custom Parchment Ketubah with hand rubbed gold tones:
Thank you for an absolutely GORGEOUS ketubah. We both love it... The colors are so delicate and the gold on the edges makes it very elegant and classic. Eva 

It's absolutely stunning. The "hand rubbed" gold makes it a modern version of an illuminated ketubah.  Everyone loves it!!!  Tara and Jorge



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