Custom Ketubah #1000-S   


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This custom ketubah was created for a couple whose last names were identical before their wedding and the names begin with the letter S.
They believed that this was such an unusual occurrence that they wanted to celebrate this uniqueness with a ketubah that highlighted this feature.
We went through two mock ups and a few emails back and forth and settled on a subject that they both loved .
This design incorporates a stylistic representation of Jerusalem in warm earthy tones.
The letter "S" as well as the number "8" both have a very personal significance for the couple and they were interested in a contemporary and modern representation.


Custom Ketubah #1000-S
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Paper size: 27.5"Wx 28"H

Available in different sizes.
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    Anniversary English and Hebrew or
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English and Aramaic w Lieberman Clause
English and Hebrew or
                      English with Hebrew heading

    Orthodox English and traditional Aramaic
English and Hebrew
Toronto Reform English and Hebrew

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