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RochelleFrank Custom Out of Africa Ketubah #1042
kettubah #1042
This is a photograph taken by the couple for whom the ketubah was created. It is their favorite photograph of
a trip to the heart of Africa. The view is of two graceful cheetahs with a spectacular landscape that goes on forever.
If you have a cherished photograph or a special scene that you would like immortalized,
we may be able to incorporate it into a ketubah that you will cherish for a lifetime. 


1042 Custom Out of Africa Ketubah
Image area
Paper size: 24"Wx 20"H

Available in different sizes.
We'll be glad to provide additional info upon request.

Available texts for this ketubah:

    Anniversary English and Hebrew or
                            English with Hebrew heading

English and Aramaic w Lieberman Clause
English and Hebrew or
                      English with Hebrew heading

Aramaic and English or
                        Aramaic only

English and Hebrew
Toronto Reform English and Hebrew



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