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Scroll Kesuba #550, 560 and 555 


Scroll kesuba #550 and #550-1
The more sophisticated technology we acquire, the more we wish to emulate ancient ways. I was contacted by a young man wishing to proclaim his love loud and clear to his future bride.
What better way than a scroll which brings back visions of proclamations from kings and queens. You can almost hear the "Hear ye, Hear ye..."
In keeping with the theme, we've brought you yet another option in a scroll ketubah (#560).
Our newest antique edges addition to this series echoes an authentic ancient scroll which has survived through the ages.
In Jewish traditions, the chatan and kallah (groom and bride) are compared to king and queen on their betrothal day. May their promises to each other become proclamations that last forever. 

Scroll #550, 555 and 560
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Paper size: 20"Wx 24"H

Available in different sizes.
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Available texts for 550, 555, 560 Scroll Ketubot:

    Anniversary English and Hebrew or
                            English with Hebrew heading

English and Aramaic w Lieberman Clause
English and Hebrew or
                      English with Hebrew heading

English and Hebrew
Toronto Reform English and Hebrew

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