Ketubah Surround  



Detail                                           Ketubah Surround with black and white ketubah underneath                      Original Black and White Ketubah

Custom 00-801-5 Ketubah Surround 
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Paper size: 34"Wx 22"H 

No personalization required

The pastel colors are soft and delicate, highlighting dappled spots of a watercolor technique.
In this case the Surround (with its center cut out to show the original below) sits on top of the black and white ketubah protecting it's age-worn edges.
The black and white ketubah is 22" wide by 11" high and the Ketubah Surround was created specifically for this size.
Whatever size your original ketubah is, we can create a Ketubah Surround for you.
Browse our Ketubah Galleries, pick your favorite ketubah design and we'll create a Ketubah Surround for your cherished document. 
You too can hallmark your home with a beautiful ketubah.

So what, you ask, is all this hoopla about ketubot. Those of us who married in the seventies or earlier were married by a rabbi who provided us with a printed and/or folded sheet of paper, the ketubah.

Everyone signed on the appropriate line and the sheet of paper was appropriately relegated to a hidden drawer.
No artwork and no big deal. Perhaps it was viewed once or twice when you rummaged through the appropriate drawer

The Baal Shem Tov, founder of Hasidism in the 18th century, advised couples to re-read their ketubah whenever they were fighting.
It would remind them, he said, of how they felt as bride and groom. Today's ketubot are not meant to be hidden away.
Like the mezuzah on the doorpost, the framed ketubah has become a hallmark of Jewish homes.

I was approached by a woman who had her original black & white ketubah and wanted to add an artistic border, frame it and display it in her home.
She had waited 30 years to initiate this process and it took several discussions until she picked a final "look" for the ketubah surround.
Since our ketubot are shipped all around the country as well as internationally, I rarely get to see one of my creations actually framed and occupying an honored spot on the wall.
I was astounded and delighted by how elegant and magnificent the results were. All I could say was "WOW".

So if you have your ketubah hidden in a drawer or the bank's safe deposit box, bring it out, consider the possibilities and take a look at the result of our new offering, the
Ketubah Surround

Are you curious? Send us an email describing your original ketubah, its dimensions and which one of our designs you'd like to incorporate into a Ketubah Surround. We'd love to tell you more




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