Ketubah Surround




This original ketubah consisted of an 8.5x11 black and white Zerox sheet
which everyone signed and for many years was held in a bank vault for safekeeping.

At one point I held a program detailing the history and development of the ketubah in the
Jewish home and decided that I could not be like the shoemaker who walked around barefoot.
Since this had to be a collaborative decision with my husband, we dug out our original ketubah and
discussed how to best display it and which design to use around the original. Several options were
explored: should the b/w border be displayed- no, it was not attractive; should the heading be part of the
final- no, it would distract from the selected design and be an unwanted focal point; should we add
our own heading as displayed on the left- no, we did not want to include any additional text.
And so the the one on the right was selected. Still under consideration, is the option to add some
illuminated text in gold leaf. The image you see on your computer screen cannot possibly do it any justice. 


             The original black and white ketubah (8.5"x11") was folded and kept in the bank safe. It is now framed and displayed with pride.
This Ketubah Surround was created specifically for this size. Whatever size your original ketubah is and whatever its age, we can create a Ketubah Surround for you.
Browse our gallery, pick your favorite ketubah design and we'll create a Ketubah Surround for your cherished document.
Take it out of hiding and consider the possibilities.
You too can hallmark your home with a beautiful ketubah. 


 Are you curious? Send us an email describing your original ketubah, its dimensions and which one of our designs you'd like to incorporate into a Ketubah Surround. We'd love to
show and tell you more.






Custom 00-803-5 Ketubah Surround 
Image area

Paper size: 34"Wx 22"H 

No personalization required




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