Custom Anniversary Ketubah #1010   
The gift of a lifetime




I've been creating collages that tell a personal family story for years. Combining the family collage with an anniversary ketubah came almost naturally. We use 18-25 of the photographs that you've taken over the years; they can be old or new, color or black&white, of family or friends, of important occasions or everyday scenes, digital or hard copies, and we will create a unique and custom family collage around an anniversary ketubah. This is the anniversary gift of a lifetime. 

Since time immemorial, wedding anniversaries have been celebrated with gatherings of family and friends. Here's an opportunity to celebrate yours or someone's anniversary with the most unique and extraordinary ketubah. It's an easy process: Look through your treasured family stash of photos and send us the ones that mean the most to you or are most relevant to the couple whose anniversary is being celebrated. If you can't part with the photos, scan or have them scanned at high resolution and send us digital files on a cd. We'll combine them into a magnificent and memorable, one-of-a-kind life story ketubah that the recipient(s), as well as their family members, will treasure for the rest of their lives. 

One very important word of caution: we cannot use any photographs that have been professionally taken since that would constitute copyright infringement. If you are able to get a one time use permission from the original photographer, we may be able to use the professionally taken photos. Please contact us with any questions.

Since this is a very labor intensive process, please allow a minimum of 4 weeks from the time we get started for completion of this ketubah.



Custom Anniversary #1010
Image area
Paper size: 26"Wx 24"H

Available in different sizes.
We'll be glad to provide additional info upon request.

Available text for this ketubah:

          Anniversary English and Hebrew or
                                  English with Hebrew heading
                                  You may create your own custom text



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