Orchids Ketubah #825   


Orchid Kettubah 
This ketubah, with the magnificent phalaenopsis orchids tumbled elegantly in the forefront, is a true
expression of warmth and love. The warm background colors surrounding the orchids and the marriage
vows give the ketubah an understated elegance and grace.

Orchids #825
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Paper size: 24"Wx 20.75"H
Available in different sizes.
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Available texts for this ketubah:

    Anniversary English and Hebrew or
                            English with Hebrew heading

English and Aramaic w Lieberman Clause 
English and Hebrew or
                      English with Hebrew heading

    Orthodox English and traditional Aramaic
English and Hebrew
Toronto Reform English and Hebrew

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This ketubah was created when I purchased an orchid stem for an evening with friends. The flowers lasted and lasted. At one point, I decided to take several photographs of the exquisite flowers in different settings. The very next day, I started working on this Orchids Ketubah. 

Orchids have been the symbol of love, luxury and beauty for centuries. In Confucius' time, orchids were called "The plant of the king's fragrance." In the middle ages, they were regarded as an aphrodisiac and were included as a main ingredient in love potions. If you've ever had an orchid appear in a dream, they represent a deep inner need to keep delicacy, gentleness and romance in a relationship.

Did you know that the popularity of orchids as we know them today came about by sheer happenstance? Orchids were a curiosity with botanists and wealthy collectors until William Cattley, unpacking plants (not orchids)  shipped to him in 1818, noticed a strange plant used for packing material.  He potted a few of them and later that year the first cattleya orchid bloomed for him. The flower world was forever changed and the orchid is still one of the most coveted and captivating in the flower kingdom.

Whatever your wedding bouquet consists of, we can create a custom ketubah around your choice of flowers.
Send us a photograph or a list of flowers and we'll take it from there.


Words of praise:

The ketubah has arrived and it's even more beautiful than it appears on the web-site. You're correct, it's gorgeous! 
I must tell you that I found this Ketubah to be one of the most beautiful from all that I had  viewed. I had been searching online and going to stores for over a month with basically no results.  I felt as though I would have to settle for something that I didn't love with my heart and soul.  Since the kids want this as a gift from my husband and me, I was  looking for  a beautiful piece of artwork that a young couple would be proud to hang in their home for many years to come.  All of yours fit into this category...I love them all! 
I think it must have been my lucky day (when I found your web site) as even my husband was excited when he viewed your artwork online.  He's not easily moved but he loved so many styles and commented that you're quite an artist! 

I think this (the ketubah) might be the best gift ever given to children.

Thanks a million,   Pamela Brosniak

The ketubah is gorgeous! We are so excited to get it framed...  Jen & Eric 



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