Ketubah Personalization

Personalizing your ketubah is $75 when you submit your information
to us electronically with our online Order Form or via email at
When submitting a written copy of FAX, the cost is $85.

We, unlike other ketubah companies, output our ketubot one at a time on acid free paper with archival inks. It sounds as if this method would be more costly and more time consuming but we actually save on storage space and have on-demand printing schedules. In turn, your giclee ketubah will last a lifetime and we can pass the savings on to you when you get your ketubah personalized with us. We are constantly looking for ways to make the end product the best it can be. This one-at-a-time output also allows us to use colorful text properties which brings a coherent design to your ketubah. And when you personalize with us, the additional personalized text matches the regular text precisely, both in color and in spacing.
No scratched out drips, no runs no errors.

If, on the other hand, you wish to personalize your ketubah yourself, 
we can change the text color to black at no extra cost to match your pen color
or to any other PMS color for $25.00

Please indicate this on your order form.

If you have any additional questions regarding personalization, please call (912-598-2179), email (



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